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Our Projects

There are currently two courses at the Carpentryproject. A Basic Education for children aged 12-16 and a Vocational Education for young people for 15 years and older. 

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The Basic education summarized

  • For a year, two half days a week

  • 40 students per year

  • Each student makes 5 pieces of work  

  • Open to anyone between 12 and 16 years old

  • The current year exists of 75% boys, 25% girls

The Vocational education summarized

  • Started in 2015

  • Going to school every day for two years

  • 4 students per class

  • Each student receives a scholarship for two years and receives a diploma upon successful completion

  • 16 students have already successfully completed the training, 12 of them are now working in woodworking

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