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Give the youth of Guatemala a chance

building a better future through carpentry education


Our story

Since 2002, the Carpentryproject has been committed to the children and youth of Alotenango. At the school in Alotenango, children learn the basic skills of the carpentry trade and youth develops into professional carpenters. The workshop is a miniature society where the youth of Alotenango develop social skills in addition to carpentry. Where they can be a carefree child and gain insight into their own skills and talents. Where they build confidence and enjoy making things together. 

Since Bryan joined the project, he's changed a lot. He was a very shy boy. When he comes home now he tells enthusiastically about the important work he has done. And he tells me that he is very blissful and happy. It's been a big help to us and it's changed Bryan a lot

Bryan's mother about the Carpentryproject

meet our students



Byron is the youngest child of a family of 7 children. Due to economic reasons, he could not attend secondary school. He had already heard from his cousin Brayan 3 years ago that there was a carpentry project in Alotenango. Because he turned out to be a good student, we offered him the opportunity to follow our education 3 whole days a week. His dream is to become a construction worker. He is therefore very happy with the opportunity we give him to  to train in the carpentry trade.



Julio entered the Carpentry Project when he was thirteen. After completing the three-year curriculum, he left the project to work for his family. Two years later, he returned to the project and offered to help us with maintenance jobs. He then became eligible to receive a grant to follow vocational training with us for two years.

Julio is a promising student and he is working hard for his future.



Werner komt vijf middagen per week naar het Timmerproject. De directeur van zijn school geeft hem hier toestemming voor, op voorwaarde dat hij goede studieresultaten haalt. Dit is voor Werner geen enkel probleem! 

Werner komt graag naar het Timmerproject. Thuis heeft hij het niet zo leuk en gaat daarom met veel plezier naar het Timmerproject. ‘’Hier verveel ik me niet en heb ik vrienden om me heen.’’

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